Leading social implementation of new technologies by the power of marketing

We, by the power of marketing, lead two solutions of:
PEOPLE - who create the latest technologies, and
PRODUCT - which embodies the social implementation of them,
thereby support building the foundation for the creation of new value.

Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing Company

  • Digital marketing business
  • Affiliate service: SLVRbullet
  • App marketing service: CREAM

Digital Marketing Company offers SLVRbullet, an affiliate service that has been in operation for more than 10 years, and CREAM, a CPE reward platform specialized for smartphone apps, as its core digital marketing business. We have one of the best track records in Japan in the development of "advertising effectiveness measurement systems," which are fundamental to data-driven marketing, and we supply them to major advertising agencies, telecommunications carriers, and major data platform providers. We provide problem-solving solutions utilizing marketing and technology.


Affiliate service SLVRbullet
Affiliate service

Affiliate service with over 10 years of operation

App marketing service CREAM
App marketing service

CPE reward platform specialized for smartphone apps

System Development Company

System Development Company

  • System integration business
  • System engineering services business

System Development Company provides a full range of services from system planning and drafting to program development, selection and installation of necessary hardware and software to meet a wide variety of needs. We also provide comprehensive follow-up services, including maintenance and management of completed systems. Moreover, we provide human resource solutions to solve the supply challenges of securing IT personnel and hiring engineers in today's market, where the difficulty of recruiting engineers continues to increase. Our strength lies in our ability to make agile proposals that leverage our network, which we have cultivated over many years of experience in the ICT field.


LINE Mini Apps individually developed

We can develop LINE mini-applications
for store reservations, membership cards, stamp cards, etc., in line with the requirements of our client companies.We provide consulting support for RFPs and project management.

Web Service Development

We develop web services such as LP, site construction, and system development. You can entrust us with the entire process from proposal to design and implementation. We will support the realization of better services based on the content of your consultation.


Agent Service for Freelance Engineers
1on1 Freelance
Startup job site for high potentials


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