We are the solution vendor
materializing dreams.

Bullet Group Policy - that is exactly the significance of our existence.
We put the passionate belief especially into our core value "Raise a person to raise another"
We carry out business in Japan and overseas as a company rendering 3 pillars of business: Web advertising, total solution using our own products; EC marketing, consistent service ranging from product planning to customer support; ICT solution, career consulting for engineers and creators.

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Our solution

Materializing dreams with
"Human x Technology = Solution"

Gold Rush in the 1850s, pioneers rushed to the New World seeking for their great fortune, chasing their dreams being tattered, favored the strong tear-proof Denim. It was Levi's, the world's top brand, that focused on inventing Denim "required by gold digger" rather than digging gold himself.

Today, IT technology is valued highly, so called IT Rush, we materialize dreams for today's pioneers based on the idea of "Connect the world with humanity and technology".

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Internet Marketing

Consultants with more than 15 years experience in the field offer the original suggestions grasped the point for each business type or industry.
We aim to reach the goal by thinking marketing plans, KPI and KGI together with customers and building PDCA cycle.
Our original ad effectiveness measuring system will allow you to visualize the thorough operations.

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EC Marketing

We provide the one-stop solution service of planning, development, and online sales of women's health & beauty products on the latest trends.
It is our mission to offer our clients in e-commerce field the truly genuine service and value their users really require, by circulating PDCA cycle, ranging from product planning, support for purchasing/inventory management, promotion strategy, and ads operating.

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Human Relation

Today, the market of Human Relation is facing difficulties in securing enough employment, however, we have been providing quality solutions as an HR consulting service.
Based on our results to date in the IT business field we offer solutions which more closely fit client's needs by utilizing our trusted networks.

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System Integration

One of the essential elements for strong corporate performance is the system construction reflected today's trends. On the other hand, the problem is a shortage of engineers who take a major role in it.
While leveraging practical know-how in training engineers, we confidently support the clients with our excellent engineers and assist their efforts to achieve innovation.

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Our partners


Connect the world with humanity and technology

We place emphasis on communication between people and conduct business by incorporating state-of-the-art technologies based on our corporate mission.As Levi's once supported many pioneers, Bullet Group aims to be the ultimate team to support the pioneers' dreams in the IT Rush of today.

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Raise a person to raise another

We place great importance on understanding each other and growing together through friendly rivalry.
What we expect our new colleagues is only to fully empathize with us.
No experience or skills necessary.
WWe are looking for those who can keep on challenging while enjoying every day with colleagues.
Looking forward to meeting you who want to grow with us.

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10F ShinjukuHokusei Bld.
5-18-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
Google Maps (1 min walk from Shinjuku-sanchome Exit E1)
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