LINE Mini Apps Custom-made Development

About LINE Mini Apps

"LINE Mini Apps" is a platform that allows stores and companies to use their services on LINE without having to install an app. It is possible to provide a variety of services such as store reservations, membership cards, stamp cards, etc. By linking with official LINE, it is also possible to remind customers of reservations and communicate with them via messages. As a company that handles individualized services, We will develop LINE mini-applications that meet the needs of our client companies.

Advantages of LINE Mini Apps

Advantages of LINE Mini Apps

Using LINE Direct approach is possible

Direct approach to customers
using LINE

LINE has many users; therefore LINE Mini Apps is easy to start using for many people. By linking to official LINE accounts, it is possible to use message delivery to get closer to customers.

More than App Development Less costly

Lower cost than developing apps

LINE Mini Apps utilizes LIFF to develop web apps, which can significantly reduce costs compared to native app development.

Linked to LINE accounts Customer data acquisition

Customer data linked to
LINE accounts

It is possible to acquire behavioral data based on actions such as orders and reservations within the LINE Mini Apps.

Features of the
"LINE Mini Apps" development provided by Bullet Group

Individual development for all types of businesses

Individual development
for all types of businesses

There are no restrictions on the type of business, so please feel free to contact us.

Integrated support from RFP consulting support to project management

One-stop solution from RFP consulting
support to project management

Those in charge who are unfamiliar with system development need not worry.

Formation of development laboratories dedicated to client companies

Development team dedicated to
each client company

We can also conduct other development projects in addition to "LINE Mini Apps" at the same time.


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Web Service Development

We provide many kinds of web service development, including LP, website construction, and system development. You can outsource entire your work to us; proposal, design, and implementation. Based on thoughtful consultation, we support you to implement better services.

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Features of Web Service Development

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We have specialists in each section and can provide a full range of production services. We can also provide services for each section alone to meet your needs.

Requirement definition > Design > System development > Testing > Maintenance and operation

Production Flow

Inquiry → Hearing → Estimate → Order → Structure and schedule → Design → Implementation → Release


For questions about our business, services, public relations, or recruitment, please contact us here.