Through our broad network of connections and accomplishments in the IT area, we propose the best solutions in the field of human relation.

Our slogan, vision and strategy

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    1. Who we are

    We offer total support addressing all client's needs on recruitment strategy by using our cultivated know-how, synergy among other business, as well as achievements in the IT field.
    As required industry knowledge or management skills are different for each client's needs or positions, not only a limited approach such as "in-house recruiting" but also forming a broad candidate group matching the application requirement and desired condition is the key for recruitment.
    We have consultants with abundant experience and achievements in the HR field. With the cultivated know-how, we support to expand the possibility of securing HR in response to all issues in the HR field where tied to corporate value.
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    2. What we do

    We provide a wide range of career consulting services mainly in the IT industry, where we could create a synergy among our business; Internet marketing, E-commerce, and System integration.
    Not only support for hiring full-time employees, but also dispatching engineers to a certain position.
    In the field of overseas personnel, we have excellent capabilities to provide resources based on strong connections with local partners.
    Our past experiences and very own strong networks obtained from the business allow us to gain a number of non-public job recruitments. The valuable consulting services are offered by our experienced consultants who acquainted with the latest market condition.
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    3. What we strive for

    "In the market with difficulties in securing human relation, the importance of "talents necessary for growth" is still growing.
    One of the important issues for management is "how to secure talented people and encourage them to achieve their full potential".
    Especially in Japanese society where globalization is advancing, it is essential for companies to have a system accepting people from both in Japan and overseas who have a different cultural background including gender, nationalities, and age.
    We aim to be a team that always proposes best plans for all issues such as securing talented human relation in Japan where the population declined, responding to diversified employment pattern, and promoting diversity.