We provide valuable service by utilizing leading edge Internet marketing.

Our slogan, vision and strategy

  1. ec-marketing

    1. Who we are

    We provide the one-stop solution service of planning, development, sales of women's health & beauty products on the latest trends, by utilizing web marketing with the latest ad trends.
    Our service covers a wide range of solutions; planning and design of products, support of purchasing/inventory management, promotion strategy, product development and etc.
    In addition, we make a practical proposal on effective sales methods with circulating PDCA cycle such as selection of ad solutions, ad operating, maximizing LTV per customer.
    Furthermore, our mission is to realize continuous sales growth and expansion of profits for customers.
    Through the knowledge based on Bullet Group's experience, we continue to work with our clients to achieve their business plan.
  2. ec-marketing

    2. What we do

    Bullet Group has provided a number of internet retailers to work on direct marketing by leveraging a synergy with our internet marketing business. Not only support for the start-ups of client's business, but we also provide the best customer relation including optimum operation, logistics system, a support structure of customer center according to their business condition or growth, has been contributed to their increased sales.
    Our one-stop solution for improving measures to acquire new customers, training for existing customers, and to maximize LTV per customer, we provide mid-and-long-term service met for their business.
    We continue to deliver their great products or services leveraging our cultivated know-how.
  3. ec-marketing

    3. What we strive for

    In the booming overseas EC market, Japanese high-quality products or services - so-called "Made in Japan" - are increasingly in demand.
    We live in the age where smartphone or internet are commonplace, and can easily gain access to most products or its information online, but on the other hand, it is true that "Real stuff" may be buried.
    Our purpose is to deliver those made-in-japan products to a lot of people and convey the beauty of Japan to the world. With the cultivated experience in direct marketing, we'd like to support the clients by delivering their genuine products across the glove.