We strive to discover and train talented engineers, and contribute to the successful system development.

Our slogan, vision and strategy

  1. system-integration

    1. Who we are

    With our leading-edge technologies, we strive to solve the issues facing the clients and achieve innovations.
    In general, it's been said that management resources consist of "people, things, money, and information" but we add two more "skills and knowledge".
    Engineer team plays an important role in addressing management tasks leveraging their abundant knowledge and advanced skills. In Bullet Group, each engineer has whose own strength in a certain skill, and the whole covers a wide variety of skills - that enables us to provide appropriate solutions.
    We make every effort to bring success to client's projects by solving issues at the same perspective.
  2. system-integration

    2. What we do

    We specialize in a wide range area from system development to infrastructure construction. Based on the abundant experience and accomplishments, we provide services such as full scratch development by zero-based, large-scale replacement development, accompanying on-premises infrastructure design/construction, or creating cloud environment.
    In order to address various issues facing the clients, we have been pursuing the latest technology as well as finding talented engineers.
    Our career consultant team give the best to progress the projects smoothly and complete successfully.
    We make efforts toward solving the client's respective issues and strive to provide speedy and quality services.
  3. system-integration

    3. What we strive for

    We continue to pursue the acquisition of the latest technologies and skills, but based on our value "Raise a person to raise another", we also focus on training engineers who can communicate from the perspective of management, like awareness of management as an organizer and educating next generation.
    We think it is important for engineers to have their own strengths. Training engineers who can be considerate for clients, creating an environment where engineers can train other engineers, as well as maintaining these things - are also essential factors.
    Our mission is to discover talented engineers, training and supporting their career path according to their aptitude to engage in our client's innovation.