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Our slogan, vision and strategy

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    1. Who we are

    Today, digital marketing is an essential part of business growth, and Bullet Group provides the leading-edge ad business utilizing its "extensive experience and technological capabilities".
    Our experts who are well versed in front line internet marketing will build the cycle of strategic planning, implementing measures, effectiveness measurement, and optimization with quick support as well.
    We analyze data and measure effectiveness utilizing technical capabilities with the latest technologies - which has been provided to Japan's leading communications companies and marketing agencies. Also, we have a strong track record in design or deployment of the platforms.
    With our high-level technical, marketing capabilities, we are offering our know-how and technologies in the domestic and international market.
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    2. What we do

    One of our strength is what we can provide services while capturing the latest information and updating it to the forefront of the rapidly changing internet marketing industry.
    As we have a framework in place to provide a one-stop solution, ranging from trackings, reports, processes and KPI/KGI designs using the latest technologies, enables most advanced and customizable proposals in accordance of the market trend.
    We work toward maximizing the ad's effect by utilizing know-how and knowledge through advertising creation, measure planning, operation, and analysis.
    Moreover, the visualized end-to-end operation system enables us to offer services and technologies connecting with more successful results.
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    3. What we strive for

    We aim to be the company that is always capable of providing leading edge optimum solutions for complicated problems in diversifying internet marketing.
    We continue to capture the latest information on technologies and ensure high-quality proposals based on our experience and technology leading to achievements.
    Furthermore, with our marketing experience and technology cultivated in Japan allows us to overcome the challenges, our business is expanding within Japan as well as overseas markets including the base in Myanmar. Not only solving solutions but will also contribute to the growth of developing countries by providing our knowledge.