• BG Technology, Inc. Performance Marketing Business
    Media Management Business
    Affiliate School Business
    Affiliate Consultanting Business

    Consultants with more than 15 years experience in the field offer the original suggestions grasped the point for each business type or industry.
    We aim to reach the goal by thinking marketing plans, KPI and KGI together with customers and building PDCA cycle.
    Our original ad effectiveness measuring system will allow you to visualize the thorough operations.

  • YUIKU Inc. D2C Business
    Planning, manufacturing and sales of in-house products

    We provide the one-stop solution service of planning, development, and online sales of women\'s health & beauty products on the latest trends.
    It is our mission to offer our clients in e-commerce field the truly genuine service and value their users really require, by circulating PDCA cycle, ranging from product planning, support for purchasing/inventory management, promotion strategy, and ads operating.

  • BULLBASE Inc. ICT Solution Business
    System Integration Business
    Human Development Business

    Today, the market of Human Relation is facing difficulties in securing enough employment, however, we have been providing quality solutions as an HR consulting service.
    Based on our results to date in the IT business field we offer solutions which more closely fit client\'s needs by utilizing our trusted networks.